All You Need Is Love

I promised a post on parenting today, but that’s been poned ‘til tomorrow (post-poned, get it?)  It’s Sunday and I’m prepping my posts for the week and I simply must mention the wedding we attended last night.
Not that I’m at liberty to say much, (like exactly who was seen dancing to a certain Abba song) but it was such a fun night and played out everything I said motivates me to write romance.  I should point out we had two amazing family weddings not quite two years ago, but they were smaller, intimate events.  Last night was the first formal church wedding we’ve attended in a very long time filled with a ton of extended family, heartfelt speeches, food that kept coming, dancing and much, much celebrating.  
I should also mention they weren’t exactly our family.  Not directly.  We felt a bit like Wedding Crashers actually, but we were invited and after three years that can best be described as an Eco Challenge, we appreciated a night of lighthearted fun.  And fun it was.   The food alone was worth the price of admission.  My husband is no slouch when it comes to eating, but he about died when he read the menu, thought, “the Chicken Cutlets sounds good,” then discovered no, you get everything.  Twice.  
Italians.  Need I say more?  (Note: they don’t wait for you to say ‘more.’  They load you up before you do.)
Getting to the point of my post...We’ve been in a lot of holy houses in the last few years, all of them for goodbye services.  To watch people come together at the start of their lives really is a privilege and something to be savored.  Nothing but optimism and possibility stands before them.  You can’t help but feel uplifted and joyous.   Continuity of life, people.  It’s right there and amazing to behold.  
So thank you to D for thinking of us and sharing your special day with us.  We wish you and S all the best, especially on that heart-stoppingly fantastic honeymoon he planned.  (Readers, you’ve seen photos of grass huts surrounded by tropical water—think Couple’s Retreat?  It’s that only way better.  Straight out of a romance novel better.  This is what I’m saying.  You just sigh in vicarious happiness.  Dark thoughts are banished because all you see is a sea of green and the peaceful silhouette of lovers walking hand in hand at sunset.)
As those smart blokes who sang the recessional song said, “All You Need Is Love.”  
Life is good.


  1. Well said Dan - I'm verklempt. Life is good.

  2. What a beautiful version of the day Dani! Thank you. LIFE IS GOOD.


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