Goal Setting - Step Five

Reward yourself

Okay, this process was rough and dirty, but I needed an action plan to carry me through April, especially now I'm shoe-horning self-promotion into the rest of my life.

Each week I will review what I've managed to accomplish and move any outstanding tasks into the next week. At the beginning of each month, I look at the bigger picture and see where I stand, modifying as necessary.

On a daily basis, I take a great deal of pleasure in firmly check-marking the completed items. This is not reward enough, however. At the end of each week, I list out my accomplishments on a Victory Log. (Thanks Cathryn for this tip!)

The Victory Log is hugely helpful for keeping your motivation up. Go ahead and record all the stuff you weren't intending to do, but got done anyway. (Dinner cooked! Taxes organized!) Then reward yourself.

Watching a movie is often my reward. Sometimes it's just a glass of wine. That Macbook Pro is making a heckuva carrot lately. Figure out what will motivate you then get busy.

Good luck and let me know how you do.