Goal Setting - Step Three

I always bite off more than I can chew

This is where you look at each step and put in some deadlines. Consider your pace and be realistic. Note: Being realistic is EXTRE MELY IMPORTANT. Otherwise you set yourself up for failure and feel like one. It helps if you set a few goals you're confident you can achieve, recognize which ones might be a challenge, and throw one on there that is your SuperStar goal which you're fairly confident you can't achieve, but if you do, you're totally entitled to a huge reward like buying a Macbook Pro. (My Revise & Submit elsewhere goal falls into this category.)

It also helps to look at your calendar so you know if, say, you'll be away for a wedding and lose a bunch of writing time. (Congratulations D & S!)

I like to attach a bunch of deadlines then figure out what is unrealistic or unnecessary and drop them to a later date or off the list altogether. For instance, I had a great idea for a magazine article and it not only might have paid, but it could have brought readers to my blog. However, I simply don't have time to write it - I'll blog it instead. Two for one!

It might be helpful at this point to use a spreadsheet so you can then sort by date. Make note of small goals you can do on the fly. For instance, I can brainstorm blog ideas into a notebook or my iPhone while parked outside the school. Group together goals that can be done together. I write and email on different computers so 'post blogs' goes on the same list as 'catch up emails.'

Note: I once read about a woman who sat backward on the toilet and wrote thank you notes in order to recapture some time, but this strikes me as an instance when multi-tasking is over-rated and besides...do you want that thank you note?

Are you starting to feel organized?