Goal Setting - Step Two

This is where you break the big goals into smaller steps so you have a plan of attack. I'll lead by example. You'll get the idea.

· Launch website & blog

o Make notes of updates needed to website

o Update website

o Add links between website and blog

o Set up template on Blogger.com (done!)

o Prep drafts of 12-15 blogs

o Organize blogs in a posting order

o Transfer them to downstairs computer (groan! Read i want my M.A.C.)

o Set up post-dated posts

· Advertise blog and website

o Prep guest blogs

o Twitter

o Email friends and family to visit blog

· Get one copy of full portfolio of completed manuscripts off-site

o Transfer all relevant stories to external hard drive

o Walk it to downstairs PC

o Burn it to CD

o Take it to Mom's

o Buy a Mac so this will be easier in the future

· Finish and submit to Presents

o Submit revised partial

o Outline chapter by chapter

o Write, write, write

o Polish, polish, polish

· Buy MacBook Pro

o Save, save, save

o Wait out Mercury Retrograde

o Watch for updates on the 'Buy Now/Don't Buy' link

· Submit rejected manuscripts elsewhere

o Identify markets for each title

o Evaluate rewrites necessary

o Query

o Rewrite

o Submit

o Repeat as required