Goal Setting


I need a plan...and a nap

First, thank you thank you thank you Lucy Monroe for your online workshop on goal setting some five or six years ago. I was always great at making a list and had moderate success striking things off them. I've since gathered other great goal achievement strategies, but Lucy was the first to teach me to start with a wide angle and narrow things down into bite-sized, chewable pieces.

I'm paraphrasing much of what she taught here, but feel free to play along and prepare to amaze yourself with your awesome ability to become organized and set out tactical steps toward achieving your dreams.

Step #1:

List the goals you'd like to achieve over time, one year, five year, whatever. These are mine, which I shall edit before posting as some are private. Note: I began this list at the end of March so I've actually achieved some. Yay me!

  • Launch website
  • Advertise blog
  • Move one copy of full portfolio of completed manuscripts off-site
  • Finish and submit to Presents
  • Buy MacBook Pro
  • Submit to other markets