No Pressure

On Easter Sunday, there was a twitter post from an agent saying she'd take queries on Young Adult novels for ONE HOUR.  This is how busy these people are.  They virtually never open their doors to aspiring writers.  

I made a comment to the kids about it and one said, "You could write a Young Adult novel, Mom."  Not in one hour I couldn't.  Still, the idea began to perc and last night I ran it by my son when I had him trapped in the car without any other distractions.  He was a little cool on the project and recommended I ask the girls in his class, not him.  He's a big reader, but apparently not of what amounts to a romance novel for pre-adolescent females.

Nevertheless, a few hours later, I overheard him talking to his big sister.  "You know what Mom's doing?  Listen.  It's important."  Awww.  He WAS listening.  "Mom's writing a book about..."

"Wait!"  I didn't say I was writing it.  I said I had an idea and wondered if you thought it had any potential.  

Well, we sat around for another hour, the three of us, brainstorming this idea.  It was a lot of fun and got the nod from both of them.  Yes, it does have potential.

Great.  Now all I have to do is write it.  

Honestly, there is every chance you'll see pages of it popping up here because I don't know how else I'd make it happen.  So much for building an audience of romance readers prior to publishing.  

Although, given how long that process seems to be taking me, gathering a following of pre-teens now might turn into a following of middle-aged readers by the time I actually sell an adult novel. 

And no, I'm not going to tell you what it's about.  I'm still thinking.