Reward Cards

Just Give Me a Break Alread

My dad says I would buy a liver milkshake if they promised reward points. That's not true. I'm allergic to dairy.

And I am pretty much done with points. How done? I resisted the urge to buy a MacBook Pro last week despite the potential to earn 5x the Airmiles. Let's do that sorry math. If I bought it through Airmiles Shops On-Line, I could have earned roughly 1 mile for every (I think) $20. I'm guessing 100 Airmiles for a computer priced in the neighborhood of $2000. At five times that, I could have had 500 Airmiles.

Wait, don't guess yet. If I put the purchase on my Amex, I would have earned an additional airmile for every $10 spent, roughly 200 airmiles. Times five, that's another 1000.

I could have had 1500 Airmiles and we are trying very hard to take a family vacation of some kind within the next year. So what stopped me?

Well, the not having $2000 in the bank slowed me down. I'll also admit that someone passed me the link (INSERT LINK) which advises whether now is a good time to buy Macs or not and it was currently listed as Don't Buy. However, the bottom line was, I'm tired of letting points cards influence me. I know marketers just want to collect statistics on my buying trends so they can sell me more of what I already buy, so let me help:

Stock more local, organic, biodegradable products in biodegradable packaging at my supermarket. Make available some type of sock that doesn't wear out in the big toe after three washes. Invent a series of containers and lids that are non-breakable, stack well in cupboards, but don't leach harmful chemicals into the food they store. Find me a purse that holds a wallet, a cellphone, a tube of lip balm, a set of keys, a pair of sunglasses, and some emergency feminine protection, but doesn't have so much extra room I could add a pair of running shoes and look like I'm leaving home for a week every time I run an errand. And if you want to know what kind of feminine protection, I'm mad at all of them. I want non-bleached, thank you, and I don't know which 'female gynecologist' invented the non-applicator type, but that soup-can shape doesn't work for me. Neither does that 'leak-protective skirt' Tampax has added to 'improve' their product. Seriously?

Going back to wallets, my main beef with points cards is the plethora of them. It's not good enough to carry a credit card and a driver's license. No, you have to carry a specific card for every occasion. I'm not Hallmark. I don't want extra luggage! If you can afford to give me a price break, do so. I'll come back, I promise. As it is, you're just alienating me by insisting I use a card to get a discount. And when you tell me it's too bad that I forgot my card and I can't give my points to the next guy in line to get my discount, well, I hate you. I really, really do.

Please tell me there is a privacy law that say something along the lines of "I don't have to disclose to the grocery store chain what flavor dip I bought with my chips in order to get the discount they're offering on the pop." If they can afford to drop the price by ten cents, they should do so, right? I mean, what does all this extra marketing of flyers and coupons cost? Couldn't we apply that directly to the cost of the product and we'd all live happier, simpler lives. As it stands, it's like paying taxes so the government can hire auditors. There's a wash of money and effort that accomplishes nothing.

Points cards are stupid.

I wish I'd bought that Mac last week.