Cable Guy

Cable guy is coming to fix the internet problem.  Of course we have to wait until next week, but it will be on the New Moon, so I'm sure will be highly successful and I shall never whimper again.

Also got some old RRSP business in the process of sorting out...I'm sure I'll see resolution sometime around the New Moon then, too.  I hate sorting out money stuff, mostly because I have to answer to hubby for it.  Of course, whenever he gets too heated, I offer to hand the chore over to him.  It's amazing how quickly that resolves conflicts over how the money is being handled.

Which of course leads to the question: What money?

It's Friday.  I really should knock off worrying about all this and just have a glass of wine already.  I was trying to be a good girl and wait. My girlfriend who borrowed several of my favorite DVD's has agreed to return them for a ransom of a glass of red.  I'll just open it and start it breathing.

Like me.

Happy Friday