Home Again Home Again

Jiggety Jig

Just got home. In keeping with internet protocol, I did not announce that I was out of town all weekend. Had an 80th birthday to attend. It was lovely thanks. Good cake.

And now I'm so far behind I think I'm out in front. I keep telling myself that this coming weekend, the LONG weekend, I'll get caught up. We'll see. I'll have that new Macbook burning a hole in my desk so I may be distracted. :) But I did start writing a blog on my old Neo and made some notes with the kids in the car. Nothing brings a family together like a conversation on unusual bathroom habits.

Meanwhile, I have laundry on the go, a kitchen to clean, many miles to go before I sleep. And sonny-boy is in performances all week - The Adamms Family. He's the witch doctor. I'll leave you with that beloved tune firmly crammed inside your ear.

You're welcome. Have a great week.