Howdya Like Me Now?

First official blog written on the new Mac. Got it Thursday and it's taken me until today to get this far. Lotsa set up required :)

But it's fun. It's just that I now have bottle drive for three hours and am chomping at the bit to finish a manuscript - only 36,000 words to go! Not kidding.

But I was at Ladies' Nite last night and a friend mentioned her daughter is reading my blog, so now I owe her a shout out.

Nomi, writing is a mental illness, but if you are afflicted, you make time in your day, sit down and do it. Often it's work. I enjoy sitting on the couch watching movies as much as the next guy. I'm most motivated to write on days like today, when I've got a million distractions--a bottle drive and a new computer to figure out. The bottom line is though, you have to choose to make time to write.

This morning I came 'this close' to choosing to work on the old system, just to get my word count out, but I spent an hour transferring the files I need so when I come back this afternoon, all will be ready and waiting for me here on the Mac. Of course, by then it will be sunny and gorgeous and I'll think about gardening--another distraction.

Honestly, Nomi, it's way easier NOT to write than it is to write, but if you have people and stories in your head, if you enjoy being creative, if you have opinions you want to clarify for yourself... writing is for you.

Just sit down and do it. Don't wait for anyone to give you permission. Think of it like a muscle - the more you do it the better and stronger you get. And let me know how it goes--I liked those other pieces you sent me. I'd love to see more.

Now must run. I bet my husband is going to expect me to cook dinner tonight, too. Seriously, if he'd read my blog, he'd know I have 36000 words to manufacture! I want to add one of those little count down widgets to my website, but how am I supposed to fit that into my day when I'm already late for the bottle drive?!?

Gah. Have a good one and I promise meatier blogs soon as I get all the kinks worked out of my new system. Cheers,