Internet and Carbon Footprints Oh My!

First of all, the internet is giving us problems again. This is how it goes. I call Bangladesh (I'm guessing) and tell them we need a dedicated line for the internet. They say the cable guy will need access to the house. Duh.

I say he has to wait until Thursday because we both work and that's the first weekday that hubby will be home. They say that's fine because that's the first day they have appointments free. No, they can't say what time. They're the cable company. They don't have to tell you what time.

They leave a note on our door on Monday, three days EARLY saying, "We're sorry we missed you. Please call Bangladesh again if you want to reschedule."

Curse you, Shaw Cable Company!!!!

Now that I've got that off my chest...

And speaking of Bangladesh...

I've been tracing my MacBook Pro, internet permitting. It started in Shanghai--the one in China. It went to Osaka, Anchorage Alaska--wait for it--Louisville, KY, Buffalo, NY, Ontario, Winnipeg, Calgary and was last seen in Richmond.

I'm starting to think paying the fuel to drive to Kelowna might have been easier on my conscience.

It's supposed to be here Tuesday. Perhaps the Cable Guy can sign for it.

And yes, I know I've been off the air. Read the above about the internet, but I've also been busy writing. Books, not blogs. I have a fantasy that once the laptop arrives, it'll write my blogs for me. I know. I wish myself good luck with that.

Okay, really must do pilates. Gardening and writing is good for the soul, but not for the back.

Cheers and think positive thoughts that the cable company will be kind to us.