Can't Get No Respect

So it's my day job to produce policy and procedure manuals and yesterday I reached a milestone with one.  I sent out an email (as per procedure) stating something along the lines of:

"This manual was recently reviewed.  You can view it by following this link."

The response via email this morning from a workmate?  "Who cares??!!??  (just kidding)"

She wasn't.  Not really.  I know the work I produce there is not exactly riveting.  No one browses my work titles and asks, "May I borrow this?  Gosh, I've been waiting forever for it."

It doesn't bother me.  Writing romance isn't exactly the quickest route to earning admiration and respect either.  Oh, I know if I actually sold a book I'd get a few impressed nods and hopefully an enthused readership among the already converted, but at this point my romance readership is about as far-reaching as my P&P readership, which is to say virtually non-existent.  Only people being paid to read are making the effort.

My only genuine audience is here - All eighteen of you hearty souls.  Have I thanked you lately?  :)
I thought I'd better.  You keep me from feeling like the proverbial tree in the forest.

Thank you, Dear Readers.  You make me feel like someone cares :)


  1. I read policy and procedure manuals!

    I am a civilian working for the Navy and the 1710.11c kept my hiney out of trouble when I ran a bowling center and a ticket office. Now that I'm a graphic artist I don't need the SOPs so much but I was once able to quote from it.

    I am on the PRO link and wanted to tell you that I agree with your opinion on listing your completed ms projects. It shows you are prolific and learning. Keep writing!

    Robin Hillyer Miles
    not published, no editor, no agent but lots of hope


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