Field Trip - Day Four

Teachers Don't Get Paid Enough

I'm not just saying that to be teacher's pet.  I doubt they'll even read this blog.  No, I say it because it's true. Sure a teacher's hours look good on paper, but I saw them writing report cards at six in the morning before waking those kids for active days they had to lead.

Every activity we did had a lesson plan worksheet that had to be filled out by the students.  Those pages weren't pulled together at the last minute.  They were researched ahead of time and outside of classroom teaching time.  We had a stellar group of students with us, but I know from gossiping with other parents that not every classroom is created equal.  Behaviour issues arise.

I'll grant you that not every teacher is created equal either and that I'm spoiled because all of my kids teachers have been fantastic, but I know teaching is mostly a thankless job.  Teachers deserve more respect than they often get, is what I'm saying.  Their dedication needs to be acknowledged.

Other lessons learned?  That drive from the coast to the interior isn't as gruelling when you sleep away a good portion of it--but that will be hard when I'm behind the wheel.  The truck scale has an outhouse, but it's disgusting.  My son has a lot of really great friends, male and female, but they're his friends, not mine.  He's building his own little independent world just like my daughter did and it's healthy and good.

I asked him if it was okay that I went.  He shrugged.  It was fine, but I don't have to rush to put my name in for the next one.  Feel the love.

Maybe I'll start following the cat around.  He could probably use some pointers on mousing.  Some pick-me-up words when he's feeling discouraged about a chickadee that got away...

Lazy piece of fur didn't even notice I was gone.