Nothing But Excuses

I know, I know, still no fresh blogs and I've been home from that silly fieldtrip for weeks.  Time keeps getting away from me--quite literally this evening.  The power keeps going out and then I reset all the clocks and then it goes out again and I think it's noon all over again.

It's actually a really cool evening.  I should be writing, but I decided to pick a few greens from the garden and that turned into about four pounds of strawberries.  They've gone ape-sh*t this year.  I asked hubby if he put something chemical on them, but he swears it's just compost and good ol' BC rain.

Speaking of which, we're getting plenty here which I know I can't complain about because the rest of the province is under Extreme Forest Fire Watch.  I don't mind summer rain here, especially in the evenings.  The windows are open, the air is fresh, the thunder rumbles in the distance and the sun keeps peek-a-booing.  Birdies are singing and the cat is asleep on the ugly-chair-on-the-deck-that-must-go-to-the-landfill.

Hint, hint to hubby who never reads this.

So I got distracted with washing and paring the strawberries so I can freeze them for jam (which will get made just as soon as those wondrous people at Mac invent an app that'll clone me.  Or make jam.  I'm not fussy.)  I've got the birdies and the thunder  and the rain and low beat of Los Lobos Kiko (thank you, John.  It's gotta be a decade since you gave me this CD and I still play it all summer long with the Chris Isaac Baja Sessions one.)

Life is about perfect and to prove it, I looked up and this is what I saw.

This is the view from our kitchen sink window and yes, the deck where said cat and ugly chair are sleeping.  I know.  My life does not suck.  If the chair wasn't so covered in cat hair, I'd dislodge the animal and snooze there myself.

Anyway, these are the extremely urgent, life-altering distractions keeping me from blogging more frequently.

Big thunder just shook the house.  I don't have to reset the clocks this time, but the internet connection is bound to disappear soon.  Take care.