Chill-axing. Not.

So I recently had a conversation with my brother in law about how we don't need to use the summer house because we live in a summer house.  I feel no need to 'get away' because with work and running around with the kids, I feel like I'm barely ever home.  That was last Friday, when hubby and son gone to the summer house, picking apricots and going to see Wide Mouth Mason at the Tin Horn Creek Winery.

Note: Son is twelve and has no idea how lucky he is to see a band like WMM at a venue like that.  Get a T-shirt, get it autographed, hang with the band at the side of the stage and ask when their next release will be...?  There was no standing in line overnight at the nearest TicketMaster outlet (remember those good 'ol days?)  No sitting in the nosebleed section of the Pacific Coliseum, or worse, BC Place, staring at a couple of grasshoppers on a matchbox stage.  It could be Freddy Mercury.  Could be Blue Oyster Cult.  Could be Pink Floyd.  Could be the janitors with a couple of coloured flashlights and some really big speakers.  Who could tell?  And how did a skunk get in here?

Anyway, fast forward to yesterday when I was lucky enough to be told I have an unexpected week off work.  No, I'm not getting paid.  I'm not that lucky.  But the weather is gorgeous so this is a gift.  I can actually enjoy the summer and my house.

To that end, the first thing I did was spend yesterday in Kelowna, fruitlessly (in Kelowna, I know!) searching for a battery for daughter's cellphone.  It's a texting-withdrawl crisis.  Then we talked about jumping in the car for a week long trip to jellystone and Old Faithful, but hubby got called into work.

I wasn't devastated.  I really do just want to put my feet up and enjoy my deck.  Except everywhere I look, a garden needs weeding.  Both kids need haircuts and want to visit the library.  Son gets to go on an overnight birthday party this weekend, so a present must be purchased, and we're growing desperate for groceries.  Day Two of my unscheduled holiday is beginning to look fully scheduled.

No worries.  I was all set to quit writing at eleven and pop down for an hour on the beach before running into town, then I remembered Oh yeah, I blog.  Better post yet another excuse-riddled essay and so much for updating my website today.  (I want to delete the guest book page and change it to 'news'--not that I have any.  Just the twitter note that I sent in a full on Sunday, yay me!)

And full disclosure here, this is what my desk really looks like:

This is Dani's brain on deadline.  Self-imposed, but I may have shuffled a few things to the back burner while finishing that submission.  Note the reference book is only bookmarked about fifty pages in.  Yet another To Do item: finish reading it.  Man, if I could kick back and read a couple books this week, I'd be in heaven!

However, the rest of the house isn't much better than pictured above.  I also noticed a couple days ago that there are boxes in one of the closets that we haven't unpacked since we moved here five years ago.  My son's room needs to reflect that he's making the transition from Hot Wheels to iPods.  Weren't we going to have a garage sale in the spring and get rid of some stuff?  Gads, this garage is out of control.

You know what the trouble with time off is?  You have time to think.  You get your head above water and realize how far from land you really are.  I can't justify sitting on a beach reading a book!

Wait.  I'm just gonna have a quick look outside.  Maybe it's clouded over.

Yeah, looks like a horrendous day to visit the beach all right.  You know what the trouble with looking outside is?  You notice how close to the water you really are.  I gotta go.