Bad Blogger

Obviously I'm a bad blogger.  In my defence I've been writing a book.

And rewriting.

And working.

And reading.  I started reading Pride and Prejudice on my iPhone in, oh, probably January.  I read about a page a week when I'm stuck waiting somewhere with no one to talk to.  I haven't read it since high school, but I'm laughing out loud, enjoying it so much.  I'm up to the bit where everyone makes a fool of themselves at the Bingley soiree.  Makes me want to break out my A&E six hour mini series.

The problem is, every time I do that, I lose myself with the Bennets for a few evenings, then I miss them when it's finished.  So I watch Bride and Prejudice (the Bollywood version, if you don't know.)  That makes me want to watch Bend It Like Beckham, so now we're a week into doing nothing every evening but watching TV and when I'm done that, I start thinking about the Keira Knightly version of P&P.  That's barely a snack and just whets my appetite for the extended version and...  You see what a vicious circle it becomes.

Anyway, I thought I best post something, so inquiring minds know I'm still alive.  Mostly I've been motivated by a friend who caught me in the grocery store the other day and told me she'd been reading my blog.  I went, "I have a blog?  Oh creeps, I ought to post something!"

The fact is, I do think of posting.  I'm usually driving the car at the time and can't even scribble some notes, let alone compose an entry.  I thought I had a really good, meaty topic the other night when I went to try turning on our TV all by myself for the first time since we got satellite.  The title was going to be "Why Women Get Divorced."

Hubby stepped out and I was faced with--I'm not kidding--six remotes.  I think one is actually redundant and he keeps it in case we ever go to the recycle depot and get one of our old TV's back.  (True story: when we moved into this house six years ago, we still had a remote in a night table for a TV that had been stolen more than a decade before.  Some men keep photos of their old girlfriends....)

Anyway, my son came in and saved our marriage and I discovered that we now get the John Daily show so hubby was redeemed in his decision to go the satellite route and foster more remotes that needed adoption into a good home.  Meanwhile, I was in a snit for a full ten minutes and mentally began composing this blog only to end up thinking it has probably been done to death by sharper, more current and definitely more diligent bloggers than myself.  So feel free to google a rant about remotes.  Actually, the Onion network's Stupid Sony Box Thing is probably the direction I was going and they really do it so much better than me, so start there.

See, as much as I enjoy having an outlet for the blather in my head, I'm really about the novels at the moment.  Singular.  Apparently Saturn is in my first house, making me pare down and contract.  (I actually like the sound of that word!)  If I can get this one thing done right, I'll feel like a winner so I'm trying to focus.  Bear with me.  If there's ever anything exciting to post, I'll be sure to get to up here within a calendar month.

Time to go read my--not kidding again--fifty two unread emails.  I'm a bad social networker, if you want the truth.  Even my real life friends say it so.