Updated Website Today!

I'm Such A Doofus...

In keeping with my usual Tech-Savvy ways, I finally got around to updating my website today and please, don't get excited.  I didn't accomplish much except realize that I had to approve guest book entries.  So thank you to those of you who signed it back in the Spring.  And thank you to the Website Tonight creators for making those approvals necessary as one person--not mentioning any names but seriously, how old are you?--entered something inappropriate.

So I deleted it.  Nyah.

Other news...  It's snowing!  Hubby and I were laughing at ourselves because it usually snows before Halloween here and we've made it all the way to mid-November without having to winterize.  So we didn't.  Ack!  The snow shovels are buried under the garden hoses we tossed in there when the frost hit.  We are definitely grasshoppers this year, not ants.  Which, to tell the truth, is the way our Spring started.  A day late and many a bed of flowers unweeded so it's no surprise the Fall was equally mismanaged.

To be fair we've been--I'm using the Royal 'we' since it's mostly that poor sod of a husband of mine--We are renovating a bathroom.  I won't go into detail here.  It's too horrific, especially with family bearing down on us for the holidays.  It's all in the Christmas letter for those of you who will be affected.  And yes, the letter will incite panic and yes, you should bring a swimsuit as you may be visiting the local rec center.

I should carry on with my busy Sunday.  Just wanted to say thanks to my guests and also to the nine hundred plus people who have visited my website.  The last time I checked it was a Hitchhikers meaning-filled 42, so Wow.  Hello everyone and thanks for stopping by.