Happy New Year!

On January 13th...

December whizzed by in a blur of family and then I was back at work so haven't come up for air until now.    It was my intention to post a few blogs about the dozen odd (pun intended) family members who rolled into town for the holidays, but we were just having so darned much fun, I never sat down and wrote about it.

That's not completely true.  I was the funnel for all the photos taken--gotta love the digital age.  We dumped them all into my trusty macbook, I spat them into a photo album, and they're sitting on my dining room table waiting to be mailed by the weekend as promised.  I still have photos in boxes from when the kids were little that haven't made their way into albums so this is truly a Christmas Miracle.

No other news, just wanted to let you know I'm alive--and since I know I'm probably only speaking to my g'fren up the road whose brother lives where my sister lives...  I tried to email you and ask if he's okay or flooded out?

Leaving with a photo from our Day At The Beach when all the family was here.  My cousin's daughter carved this.  Isn't she amazing?  Way to go, M :)