Home Again Home Again

Jiggedy Jig.

I used to say that to the kids whenever we pulled into the garage after a big day.  I had a very big day out recently.  I went to Australia to meet my nephew!  Picture the most adorable infant you can imagine then give him an Aussie accent.

Okay, you had to listen hard to hear it, but he was adorable regardless.  You'll have to take my word for it because I'm not posting his photo to the internet.  Someone might steal him and my sister would blame me.  I was very tempted!  Having said that, the house we were staying in had very thin walls so I heard him every time she got up with him in the night and I have to admit, I do enjoy my older children for the full night's sleep I get these days.

For those of you wanting to visit Australia vicariously through me, it will be a lot of baby cuddling and gabbing with family.  I had to buy throat lozenges I was doing so much of that!  Hubby and I visited Oz and NZ on our honeymoon, so I really wasn't there to see the sites.  It was all about wedding, sister and baby--since I probably won't see them again for a year or more.  :(

I do have a few photos to share.  This is the view off the back veranda where my sister and brother in law are staying while they renovate their own house.  It's a rustic farmhouse in Clearmountain, about an hour Northwest of Brisbane, quite a ways inland.  This is looking toward the city, but we'd had thunder and rain all day and then...a lovely rainbow.

My sister assures me they get koalas in some of these eucalyptus trees, but they don't get as many wallabies as they used to now they have a dog.  Most of the wildlife I saw was on the road--sadly a dead joey and a dead goanna, but a Red Bellied Black slithered across in front of us.  Apparently they're a 'good' snake because even though they can kill you in twelve minutes, they eat the Browns that can kill you in six.  Oddly my sister wouldn't let me out of the vehicle to take a photo.  Such a killjoy.

Further to the snakes...see my next post.