Thanks GVC!

A huge thank you to RWA-GVC, the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

The flowers caused a bit of a stir with the husband.  "Who sent those?" But I love them, they're beautiful, and btw, you may owe me a silk one for another sale.  More news coming soon.

For those of you curious, this is my back deck.  Hard life, I know.  I wish I'd thought to angle it so you could see the lake which is just off the left margin of this photo.  I look at it while I do the dishes.  Makes the chore easy-peasy even on a bad day like today when a bit of cloud cover has rolled in.  Full disclaimer: I don't usually look this good.  I just got back from my head shot appointment so my hair and make up were full on.  I enlisted my daughter to take a quick snap.

One more time, I really appreciate all the support I've had from my good friends at GVC and am really, really thrilled to receive my First Sale Flowers.  Thank you so much.


  1. Beautiful! (Both you and the flowers!) We're all so happy for you, Dani.

  2. Way to rock those roses, girl! Congratulations again...and again and again!

  3. Congratulations! I saw your message to the Pro list and got curious so I came to check out your blog. :-)

  4. Thanks Caryn (& Roxanne & Lee!)

    My second contract is with Champagne Books. I haven't officially announced it yet. I wanted to be sure Harlequin was comfortable with my jumping into a second genre before my first book is out. They are :)

    So I'm looking forward to having a Fantasy Romance ebook out there with the Presents print titles next year. There's still much to be ironed out -- another reason I haven't made a big splash about it. I'm waiting on some of those What, When, How details.

    But thank you all for dropping by and leaving a comment. I'll post more news when it's available and hope you check back.



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