That Scream You Heard...

...a few weeks ago was me selling my first book.

I haven't had much time to write about it.  I've been too busy writing the second and selling the third.

So here's my official announcement:  I got The Call from Mills & Boone in London in May.  It's a two-book contract.  The first comes out in the UK in January 2013 and will eventually be released in N America as a Harlequin Presents, available in ebook and print simultaneously.  I will post more info as it becomes available like title, cover, etc.

Five weeks after closing with HQ, I got a Yes from Champagne Books.

Champagne will publish my Fantasy Romance, The Healer, in March of 2013.  It will  be available as an ebook and print on demand.  Again, cover and title (may change) shall be posted here as it happens.

I'm trying to post news, revamp my website, start a Facebook page and, oh yeah, entertain house guests.  Australia is coming!

But I did make time to Guest Blog at the invitation of one of my new Champagne friends.  Please check out my post on July 18th.


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