It's Not Funny

We saw the fire from our house last night--well, the smoke at least.  I heard the sirens first while taking a call from my son on his cell.  He happened to be at the bottom of the hill where the fire trucks were going.  The choppers and bombers were on scene fairly quickly and at it for a few hours.

The smoke was pretty black so we speculated it wasn't just a forest fire.  Today I heard it was actually the house and property of a local resident that burned to cinders last night.  It happens to be the home of the infamous 'Bear Dude' who has been painted as a criminal mastermind for feeding bears to protect his crop of dope.

I have it on good authority that if anything, he was growing pot (and not very successfully) to pay for the dog food.  He just loves the bears and wants to see them well-fed.

This is bad, and yes, to my mind, criminal.  It has been reported that some eighteen bears were shot last year.  Our car had paw prints on it, we had one one our deck, our neighbour had one in her garage...

The feeding needs to stop.  So while I am very, very sorry to hear this poor man has lost his home, I hope that this will put a permanent end to his habituating the bears in our area and putting them at risk.

And I want to join with RDKB Area C Director, Grace McGregor, in thanking our Christina Lake Volunteer Firefighters for saving many homes last night.  This could have been a terrible disaster across the valley if not for their quick, dedicated work.

The story is here if you're interested:

The source of the fire is still unknown and it really isn't funny so I shall refrain from speculating the bears have graduated from guarding the crop to actually smoking it.  You know, lacking dexterity and being stoned off their furry faces, they got sloppy with their matches....

Smokey so wouldn't approve.


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