The Happiest Place On Earth Redux

It is really cool to go to conference as a published author

Which is my cryptic way of confessing that I hit the RWA Conference in Anaheim on my way to a family wedding in Vegas.  And despite the damning photo posted to the INTERNET by my dear friend Cathryn, I did NOT go to Disneyland.  If I were to go without my daughter, she'd kill me.

I have many, many notes to transcribe, which I'll get to soon, but wanted to start by sharing a link which is the transcription of the luncheon speech by Stephanie Laurens.  I arrived late so missed it, but it was the talk of the conference.  Why?  See for yourself:

As said, I'll recap some of my notes in a later blog, but I'll sum it up with the takeaway lesson from Stephanie and the entire conference: It Is A Great Time To Be An Author.  Shoot for the moon.


  1. Hello Dani, found your blog, its pretty cool...
    Good luck with your endevours into the future it's been an interesting read so far I'm sure there will be plenty more to come.
    Isn't Vagas the adults Disneyland?

    PS never read a romance novel don't tell anyone hahaha

  2. Hi Allen
    Happy to be your first! lol
    say hi to janet and the folks


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