Quick Update

Just a quick update to say I'm still plodding along.

Along with working to fulfill my contract with Harlequin and planning future books with them, I've looked into indie-publishing some of my 'trunk' books.  Yes, Virginia, back in the days before hard-drives, manuscripts were physical stacks of papers stored in bins or 'trunks.'

Actually, mine aren't quite that old, but I've made inquiries as to the process and am developing quite a Why Not attitude about it giving it a shot. Will keep you posted.

Other news is just the same old news: Wait and See.  Yes, I thought I had arrived, but I've just transferred to a different train that makes as many stops as the unpublished one, just in different stations that are unfamiliar to me so I'm stumbling around, feeling a bit of a fool as I try to navigate the new world of marketing and self-promotion and huh?  Twitter?

But please catch up to me there--I do tweet!  Usually in the evenings.  @DaniCollinsBook.

And I have a fan page on Facebook: DaniCollinsAuthor.  I do post!  (Every couple of days.)

Why is one 'Book' and one 'Author'?  See above about how I'm still trying to figure all this out.  I think I chose Author first then found out Book doesn't fit the Twitter username thingy.  And you can't change the FB thing after you get out your chisel and carve it in stone.

Catch ya later...