Oh Yeah, that's me

You can buy it here: (Link Removed - Sorry.  Will restore shortly.)  Paper copy still coming soon (I'm only one person) then all the other devices next year.

Meanwhile, here's the back cover blurb:

One con-artist bride...

The last thing Renny O'Laughlin wants to do on the day before her wedding is see her eccentric ex-boyfriend—the one with more dollars than sense who provokes the thrill-seeker inside her. But his grandmother just got duped. Renny has to tell Con before she marries another man and leaves forever.

One innovative ex-boyfriend...

Games-inventor Conroy Burke won’t buckle to convention, especially marriage.  He’s crazy about Renny though.  She's the only woman able to keep up with him. When she explains how his Gran was tricked, Con sees an opportunity to convince his Wildcard she doesn't really want to settle down.

One chance to sting a thief...

Renny agrees to identify the swindler to police, not expecting a caper with inept kidnappers, an ambitious reporter chasing the story—or her old feelings for Con to resurface. Marriage will make an honest woman of her, but getting Gran's money back would prove it too, making it...

One hectic day before a wedding.

This is what's called a 'soft' launch.  Can you tell? 


  1. OK wow how awesome is this??? I said that out loud to my computer by the way :) Must be a freak to see your name in print. Congrats!!! Sheri


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