Quick Update

Since when do I do anything slowly?

I just realized the post I'd scheduled to come out last Sunday didn't make it. Very annoying. Mercury is moving into retrograde on Tuesday and obviously already causing problems. Scroll below for another jewel of snarkiness about something that seemed important to me a week ago.

My new website is coming along nicely and will likely be up in the next couple of weeks. Once it goes live, I'll be migrating my blog from Blogger to Wordpress. I don't know what that means, I'm just following orders and hoping that when I schedule something to post, it will.  Of course, maybe this recent mishap was operator error. Time will tell.

I also just noticed that after pulling Hustled to the Altar, I got it back up and then didn't tell anyone. My sister kindly posted to Facebook, but I'm also now telling you it is definitely available, but exclusively on Kindle until the middle of January. (It's a marketing thing.)

If you have a Kindle or the Kindle App, you can purchase this here: Dani's Book! Added bonus: I just signed up for KindleGraph so through the magic of modern technology, I can personally autograph it for you. What a kick, eh?

Other news...  I have my cover for the Mills & Boon release which will also be digital only (but all devices) in the new year. Here's a sneak peek:

Note the Book Of The Month seal. I'm pretty full of myself over that.

That's it for the moment. I'm off to meet readers over at Goodreads if you want to find me there ;o)