Me, Making News

Along with the first sale of my book comes one of those nice-to-have problems of needing to put yourself out there so people might actually find your book and pick it up.

To that end, I've had some nice publicity with a radio and magazine interview and will be giving some talks in the near future. Check me out on this screenshot of the magazine cover, bottom left:

I don't have rights to post the actual interview, but follow this link about Writer's Forum Magazine (UK) Issue #135 to read how this interview came about and get a link to subscribe to the magazine.

In early December, I was also featured in a CBC Radio West Interview. Very fun!

What's next? Well, I have an author chat scheduled on Goodreads where I'll be giving away a few books, plus some speaking engagements.  Two of them are Valentine's Day themed and a third is still to be finalized.

  • Goodreads Chat
    • January 10-12
    • An informal online chat where you can ask about my writing, upcoming releases, how I finally sold... 
  • Valentine's Brunch 
    • Sponsored by the Romance Writer's of America, Greater Vancouver Chapter
    • Sunday February 17th, 11am in Richmond, BC
    • I'll be speaking about my First Sale along with three other new authors who made their First Sale in 2012
  • Romance and Chocolate
    • Grand Forks Library, February 23
    • I'll be speaking to readers and writers on the changes in today's publishing industry
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