The Healer Is Available!

The Healer launched this week.  Read about the story and find buy links here.

Check out the Extra Content like maps, a reading guide (book clubs take note!) and a Character Guide (contains spoilers).

Why do I have extra content like maps and reading guides? I'm a nerd, what can I say?

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Here's the blurb for The Healer:

After escaping Shote oppression, the Kerf people only want peace, but unrest brews as Shotes expand into their hard-won territory.

Vaun, a Kerf General, is patrolling the border lands when he saves a Kerf captive about to be raped—then discovers she’s not Kerf at all. Athadia is Alvian, one of the mysterious healers driven out of Kerfdom by Vaun’s ancestors.

Vaun’s first touch tells her he’s a Latent, not as strong as a full-blooded Alvian, but a possible mate. If she could bring herself to lie with any man, especially a superstitious Kerf, she could fulfill her vows and save her dwindling race.

Athadia’s touch promises a kind of healing that has eluded Vaun all his life, but he has broken treaty and started the war he was meant to avert. His King expects him to kill her...

He can’t do it.