Catching Up

This blog was born under a beleaguered star. I'm forever neglecting it. My other blog is quite vibrant. I post at least once a week over there. Here? Well, it's more for the light reader who doesn't expect much. Thank you for not judging, dear friends.

I've actually been considering how to revive this one and have some good ideas. Alas, I lack... you guessed it. The t-word.

But I'm here now, popping in quick to thank everyone for their support of Proof Of Their Sin. It's garnered some fabulous reviews (Romantic Times gave it 4.5/5 stars and a Top Pick!) There are some great ones on Amazon and Goodreads too. I'm so pleased because I really like Lauren and Paolo.

I recently spent a week in Atlanta at the RWA 2013 conference. I'm in the middle of a series of posts on that. Tomorrow will be Indie vs. Traditional publishing so if you're a writer, you may want to take a peek.

What else? Well, I have three books to finish before the end of the year. I have some brilliant ideas for a couple of series and a few novellas. My head is actually exploding with all the manuscripts I want to start (and finish!) Of course the T-word (capitalized now, it's getting stronger) rears its head again. If I can at least get the proposals written...

I'm still working on my career plan. I have stacks of notes, a pretty good idea in my head how it should look, but I want it on paper so I can really dig into those goals and cross them off a list. I get a lot of satisfaction from strikethrough. (Okay, that one was gratuitous, but still.)

I've had some good news with Shared Whispers, the anthology I wrote with some friends from Champagne. It was an indie endeavour and only went out on Kindle for their 90 day Select program, but Champagne has since picked it up. We'll get better distribution out of that and hopefully The Healer will see a bump. I haven't had much feedback on The Healer so I'm hoping this will prompt a few people to put up some reviews. Look for Shared Whispers in September if you haven't picked up a copy yet. Sixteen stories by different authors--a great chance to try out new voices and genres, or just have some quickie reads for over your breakfast cereal.

Come November I'll start promoting More Than A Marriage Of Convenience?  I'm really excited about this one. My January book, No Longer Forbidden? didn't make it out in the US then, but it will be printed with  More Than A Convenient Marriage? They'll be sold as a two-for-one and the stories are linked. It doesn't get much better than that, does it? Be sure to chase me around the blog tours in the fall as I'll have lots of behind the scenes stuff to share including some giveaways and a few sneak peeks at my current ms. It's the third in this series about the Makricosta siblings.

What else? Well, I've just turned in copy edits for my February book, A Debt Paid In Passion, and I'll have some news next spring about a special project. Shh. So tons going on behind the scenes, just settling into a quiet August where I'll be concentrating on fulfilling my obligations.

Oh, and I had this extremely nice coverage in local publication, The Boundary Sentinel. The math isn't one hundred percent correct; it sounds like I signed a nine book deal in one go. I wish! No, I've put pen to contracts for a total of nine books, but that includes Shared Whispers and my contribution to that is only a short story. But doesn't it sound like I'm The Next Big Thing?

I guess that'd be the primary goal on my career plan, if I managed to finish it. Perhaps I'll go do that now...

Before I do, I wanted to invite you, if you happen to be in Grand Forks August 9th, to come by Peddler's Place 371 Market Ave. I'll be signing books from 4-5pm.

'til next time...