Shared Whispers Re-Released

I keep thinking that this blog would be a great place for my editorial musings about life, the universe and everything. Sadly, you've caught me on a day when my brain is a whiteboard.

I'm making incredible progress on my To Do list, something that was neglected while I ran my daughter to University. Now I'm kicking but on the paper blizzard covering my desk--yes, snow shovels are out early this year--and will be starting a special project for Harlequin Presents by the weekend. Shh, no spoilers. Will tell you about it when it's official.

What I can tell you is that I've just turned in Theo and Jaya's story. This will be Book Three in the Makricosta series. You can preorder the first two as a 2 for 1 here.

Meanwhile, I have other exciting news to share. You may recall that I participated in an anthology, Shared Whispers, last year. Well, it was picked up by Champagne Books this year and is now available on all digital platforms.

This is a great way to sample a number of award winning authors from around the globe. Plus me.

They're all complete short stories, not teasers or excerpts that make you buy another book to find out what happened. You can also follow a mini-blog event at Worlds Of The Imagination by all the authors. We'll be offering excerpts there--teensy ones--along with some behind the scenes stuff on our inspirations, etc. Buy Shared Whispers here and stay tuned for more news on the Harlequin front

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