Committing to Finishing

My New Book

About the only thing I seem capable of finishing is a book--and by that I mean writing them because I have a dozen books by friends and favourite authors sprinkled throughout my world that I have started and haven't finished.

I was thinking about this today as I pulled clean socks from the suitcase I had used while I was traveling this week. I thought, I should take five minutes to unpack. Then I didn't. Somehow I convinced myself that I'll have time later in the day and will feel more motivated and excited by then. (It's only three days worth of clothes. Seriously, I should go do it now.)

Mildly disgusted with myself (but not fully, as that would be like finishing the emotion) I decided I should make a commitment to finishing things. I've yearned to feel organized for SO LONG.

So I started a list (ahem) of outstanding items in my life. I've decided that, moving forward, I should weigh my desire to start something new--like a book--against my list of To Do's. I have to earn my starts by finishing. Like earning junk food by working out.

Of course, I'm not above cheating. For instance, I have already committed to judging books in a contest for published romance novels. By starting three more books, I will finish my commitment and can strike that off my list. Such is the irrational rationalization of a creative person.

This all comes about because I have reached a breathing space in my writing life. The purpose of my trip this week was to attend a writing event at the Vancouver Public Library. That was the last commitment I had for promoting my current release, A Debt Paid In Passion.

I have been going flat out since September of last year, turning in three books while promoting two. Those are now completed (along with a fourth. I'm not quite right in the head, I realize this.) It's both freeing and slightly de-motivating to come to this point. Without a deadline freaking me out, I'm a little tempted to go eat chips on the couch and watch Netflix.

However, my summer is beginning to look extremely busy.

My next Presents, An Heir To Bind Them, will come out in June, then I have three titles in August. So far I only know one of them: The Ultimate Seduction. The other two are with Harlequin's new Digital First series and they're erotic romances. I can't wait to see those covers, but here's the one for the June book, which I'm quite taken with. (Note: this is the next book in the Makricosta series, after my December book More Than A Convenient Marriage.)

I have a few writing conferences in my future, too. Romance Writers of America in San Antonio, for instance.

I've also made several writing commitments--three more books for Presents for starters. So definitely no rest for the wicked.

Except for today. Today I'm feeling really good. Not caught up! Good grief you should see my office. But I am making headway. And, since I've shown up on this blog a day late and a dollar short so many times I wanted to, for once, write in my calm voice. This is what I sound like when I'm not making excuses.

However, I do have to go start supper. No getting around that one. Therefore, I will finish this post. Oh, but one of the reasons I wanted to post today was to plug my Feb 18th radio spot with Renee Bernard at Canned Laughter and Coffee. I was so nervous and it was the most comfortable 15 mins of my life. She's made of awesome.

You can also click here to read my recent Spotlight on Harlequin Junkies and their Review of A Debt Paid In Passion where they said:
A Debt Paid in Passion by Dani Collins is an emotion filled romance with witty dialogues and great chemistry between the characters.
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And if you like to follow my #SampleSunday posts on my website, my most recent was a Read Aloud from The Healer. Not sure yet what I'm doing this week. My brain is still in recovery from the last six months, but I will start up with the #SampleSunday excerpts for An Heir To Bind Them by mid-April. I like to do six weeks of excerpts leading up to launch day (June 1st) so watch for those.

Okay, the teenage vultures are circling. Supper. Then unpack. Then clean my office.