Website Broken, Dani Totally Okay

I'm used to putting out a Sunday post on my website blog, but it's broken. For the last few weeks my blogs have appeared on my Goodreads page, but not on my website. Very frustrating. BUT.

I am working with some new website peeps (Hi Zack, Hi Steph!) There will be big changes coming soon and I'm excited. I just have to be patient while the renovations happen.

Meanwhile, I can get my fix by posting here. Yes, I know, this is the blog that I usually neglect. Yes, I'm that person. Blogger is only my friend when I need it. Let this be a lesson to me not to take this option for granted.

So, what do I have to say that's so important? As usual, not that much. I'm starting to gear up for my June title, An Heir To Bind them. Look, I made this banner all by myself:

An Heir To Bind Them is the third in the Makricosta family series. It's Theo's story. You met him briefly at the end of Adara's story, More Than A Convenient Marriage?

Looks like today (Mar 23/14) you can preorder An Heir To Bind Them for $1 off at Amazon. Go.
I'll wait here. Back? Hi again.

I'm starting to see more foreign copies. That's super-fun. If you missed the post on my Facebook page, here's a little snapshot of the Spanish and Portuguese covers for Proof Of Their Sin.

Yes, I'm putting that Photoshop course to really good use, lol.

My first French edition, a translation of No Longer Forbidden, is coming out in April. Here it is with the Dutch and German covers. So fun!

I just had a convo with MrC about how my career is taking off so crazily.

I said, "Remember those twenty-five years when everyone hated everything I wrote?"

He's like, "What was that?"

Shrug. Publishing is a mystery, my love.

Here, I'll stop being quite such a narcissist (as if!) and share some of the love by showing off a couple of covers from Brazil. These are 2in1s where I've been paired with the amazingly talented Maya Blake and Julia James.

Pretty, right?

I'm having a ball with the writing, even though it does get overwhelming at times. I think those twenty-five years of waiting have made me not just greedy, but scared that it will all disappear as quickly as it happened, so I say yes to any opportunity that knocks on my attic window. That keeps me pretty busy.

I'm currently in a small hiatus, however, without anything I *have* to promote. My next big deadline is June, which is nice and manageable, but in about three weeks I'm going to start blogging for the June book and probably won't take a breath until Christmas. So it's a good time for housekeeping (bwahaha, what's that?!?) and changing up my website and planning the rest of the year's promotions.

On that topic, watch for a cool contest coming in July. I have three books in August that all have a hidden identity theme so I'll be giving away these masks (gorgeous, right?) To enter, you'll have to preorder one (or all) of my August books.

If you've already preordered The Ultimate Seduction, take a screenshot of your receipt and be ready to email it when the contest details are announced.

Do I have a real life beyond writing? Yes and no. I've booked a pile of travel, all around conferences. I'm taking my daughter to New Orleans for RT. I'm very excited about that. Later in the summer, I (we--MrC and I are sweethearts) go to our high school reunion, then I hit San Antonio for the RWA Conference.

After that, I visit my sister and her family in Australia and will fit in a quick jaunt to Sydney's Romance Writers Conference.

I'll offer one more narcissistic photo. While I was stalking myself on the internet recently--It's not weird if you're an author. We all do it, trust me. While I was stalking myself, I came across this.

Yeah, that's me. Being all #1 Best Seller and stuff.

I'm kind of bemused. That's my February book and this is nearly the end of March. (Does this mean I should continue my promo efforts into the month after a book comes out? I'm only one person!)

It looks like it's $1 off so maybe that's what pushed the sales. Who knows. Publishing really is a mystery.

If you've come this far on this post, thanks! I will start up more #SampleSunday posts on my website beginning mid to late April and will cross post here to let you know. Meanwhile, if you want to be notified when my new book come out and get all the details for the mask contest, sign up for my newsletter.

Happy Sunday!