#SampleSunday and Other Stuff

I just realized I hadn't made a big splash over here about my new website at the old address: danicollins.com. (We've dropped the www. I'm no technological genius so I don't know why it still works both ways, but it does.)

Please visit, poke around in the cupboards, bounce on the beds and admire the view.

While you're there, you can read the second instalment of my #SampleSunday for An Heir To Bind Them. There's a link to the first instalment and remember, this is Book Three in the Makricostas. You might want to read No Longer Forbidden? first (Nic and Rowan) and More Than A Convenient Marriage? (Adara and Gideon) second.

Demitri (hero of Book Four) is behaving exactly as you'd expect. He pretty much made himself unavailable the minute I started his story and I'll have to track him down before I can finish it.

In other news, I've officially launched my Masked Desires Contest. It's more about promoting my three books August books. Have I flashed the cover and blurb for the eroticas? I don't think so.

Basically we've got The Ultimate Seduction, which is a Harlequin Presents, then the Dani Collins Erotic Romance Collection. (Sorry, not up on the website yet, although you can preorder at Amazon here.)

It's a two book set. You'll want to read Mastering Her Role first if you prefer to read in order, but they stand alone just fine.

Here are the blurbs:

Mastering Her Role - Arianne has it bad for her friend and neighbour, Jason. Unfortunately, rumour has it that Jason has a kinky side, and Arianne’s inner freak is still hiding in the closet.
So Arianne asks Jason to introduce her to his friend Dominic—a sexually dominant instructor in the ways of pleasure. And so Arianne begins her lessons of sexuality, lust, and being thoroughly and deliciously ravished. But behind his mask, Dominic seems awfully familiar...

Playing The Master - In a week, timid Ann Parker will belong to the coldly handsome Porter Navarro—a marriage arranged by her vicious stepfather. But when she’s secretly made over and presented to Porter as “Violet,” she is initiated into his world of dark, exquisite delights. One where he is master. But it’s only as Violet that Ann tastes true freedom. And her liberation will cost not only her sensual teacher, but the man she’s grown to love...

Yeah there's a whole blindfold/mask/secret identity theme running through all these August books. Thus the contest. And FYI, there's an online short coming from the Chatsfield series that also toys with the kink so if you're into that, you'll want to pick up that little treat as well.

The contest runs until August 17th, but feel free to enter now. The entry form is here: Dani's Masked Desires Rafflecopter Form.

Remember you can also enter for a chance to win one of three autographed copies of my June book at Goodreads (see below) and you bet I will have another one up for The Ultimate Seduction. All in good time, Dear Reader.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

An Heir to Bind Them by Dani Collins

An Heir to Bind Them

by Dani Collins

Giveaway ends May 19, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads.

You can also join my newsletter for a chance to win a signed copy. I always draw for a free copy among my subscribers right before the book comes out. Next draw is probably around the 28th of May. (It's not an exact science. I'm not Ernst &Young, just a simple author trying to make a livin'.)

If you prefer to go straight to ordering books and reading 'em, An Heir To Bind Them is live on the Mills & Boon UK site and eHarlequinMills & Boon Aus usually waits until the actual launch month, which is June for this one. You can also preorder on Amazon: US | Canada | UK | India | Germany | Brazil | Spain | Italy | Japan | Australia or Nook | Kobo | ARe | BooksaMillion | ChaptersIndigo.