What Is A Hybrid Author?

I covered the topic of Hybrid Authors a little on my website blog today, mostly because I think it's confusing for readers that the second book in my new series with Montana Born Books, Blame The Mistletoe, is available for preorder on Amazon, but Hometown Hero comes out first (Sept 29th) and doesn't show up yet.

So I thought I'd reblog some of that explanation here for  inquiring minds.

I won't give you a history lesson on How It Used To Be. We all know that e-books changed everything for both readers and writers. Basically authors have three choices these days:

  1. Traditional print publishers who release books in print and digital with standing orders for mass distribution to book stores, drug stores, Target, Walmart, etc. Harlequin does this with my Presents/Moderns. The books are also translated for internations markets. Note that 'Trad Pubs' (I'm teaching you the lingo) might go digital only, or digital first, as Harlequin did with my erotic romances. 
  2. Small, mostly-digital press who may or may not release a book in print and would have limited distribution via online ordering or a book store placing an order for that book. Some of these small press outfits have connections overseas, but their bread and butter is digital books within North America. 
  3. Publish Indie-Style which means eating the cost of the editing, cover and formating, learning to publish, but you have more control in all aspects of the book and reap the bulk of the royalties. 
I'm a Hybrid Author because I have books in all those streams. I'm not saying every author should, but it works for me and I'm happy to share my reasons and experiences in a workshop. Email me.

We (me and the amazing team at Montana Born Books) wanted to take advantage of pricing my first book, Hometown Hero, at 99c when it first goes live, so be sure to visit Amazon on Sept 29th or 30th to get it at that introductory rate. 

On the topic of Hometown Hero, you can read my latest #SampleSunday here. It includes links to previous excerpts if you need to catch up. (Skip past the first bit. You just read it above.)

In other news, I'm prepping some workshops for next year, planning some giveaways, contests and Facebook parties for my fall books, and writing my third Montana Born book. Busy, busy as usual. Oh, and me and the Mister have started some home renovations. We put off some much needed flooring replacements as long as we could. As soon as that's done, we'll start a complete refit of the ensuite bathroom. Short-term pain (please let it be short-term) for long-term gain, right?

Oh, I should also mention that Hometown Hero is part of a five book series of the following books releasing on these dates written by these authors:

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