No Room At The Inn...

Merry Christmas Eve! I have the perfect story for today, a No Room At The Inn Christmas Romance (with a baby delivery and everything!)

Too bad it's not available until Jan 16. At least I can give you a teaser here and explain how the story came about. You may also want to read my two previous posts about Rolf and Glory of On The Edge.

When Glory's father drags her to see Blue Spruce Lodge in On The Edge, she is determined she won't move there.

But as they're flying into Montana, she begins to come out of a grief-related funk of writer's block and see the Rockies as a great place to set a romance.

This begins Glory's journey toward writing Blessed Winter.

Here's a snippet of her actual thoughts:

And there were the Rockies.
She cocked her head, telling herself she wasn’t that impressed. The Cascades were just as beautiful and they were right there, in Seattle’s back yard. Plus, Seattle had the ocean, not that she spent much time at the beach. There were an awful lot of critters on saltwater beaches. Stanky kelp and sand fleas. She never swam there, not quite trusting the waves, especially if they washed foam all over the shoreline. She was a freshwater gal.
Seattle stayed green pretty much year-round, though. This monochromatic scape of hills and valleys looked like a crumpled piece of newspaper.
The plane was landing in earnest, nose-diving her into this world she didn’t want to enter even for an afternoon.
The next Tahoe. Her father truly was a first-class dreamer.
The real Tahoe would be a good setting for a book, though. She bet there were all sorts of adorable cottages there with snow-covered gables. Inns that were overbooked for the holidays… Great place for a romance take on that classic Christmas story about no room at the inn. That would mean a pregnant heroine, which was always tricky, especially if there was a Christmas theme. She’d learned that from editing her mother’s books. Would the hero be the father? How could he not be?
What if he thought he was, but wasn’t? She could already hear the hero when he found out who the father was. “I never saw myself playing Joseph to some rock god’s baby…
The plane bumped down, shaking her back to reality.
She touched her throat, trying to steady a pulse that was suddenly pounding. Her spine felt prickly and her nostrils tingled as though scenting something sharp.
“What’s wrong?” her father asked.
“Nothing,” she murmured. Just that the voices—one voice—had come back. That hadn’t happened in ages. At least a year.
She sat very still as the plane taxied to the gate. She resisted the urge to explore her own mind like prodding a broken tooth with her tongue. Muses were shy—that much she knew. If hers was finally showing herself again, she didn’t want to scare her away.

But there was one other thing she knew. If she was able to write, there was no way she was moving to Montana to run a lodge with her father.

~ * ~

Sometimes I don't know when to quit, so as I was writing this story, I decided that of course I should include the book that Glory writes within On The Edge. I already knew what it was about--no room at the inn.

NOTE! You can't buy this book separately, but I created a cover for it because, well, I don't know when to quit.

Here's the back cover copy which I wrote because, well, see above about quitting.

“I never saw myself playing father to some rock-god’s baby.”

After his brief engagement falls apart with his holiday plans, Brock is alone in Tahoe on Christmas Eve—until he bumps into the sexy waitress who ghosted him after their hot weekend last spring. And that’s quite a bump she’s sporting. Some quick math convinces him the baby is his.

Pandora’s rebound affair with Brock might have turned into something far more profound if she hadn’t turned up pregnant with her ex’s baby. She has always been on her own and is braced for parenthood to be the same. When the town is booked out, however, and Brock has to spend the night in her apartment, she discovers she doesn’t have to spend Christmas alone.

Brock plays Santa, then midwife. Could he take on the role of ‘husband’ and ‘father’ as well?

Fun FactBlessed Winter is a loosely connected sequel to Cruel Summer, the book you receive when you sign up for my newsletter.

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