Trella finally comes out of seclusion...

It was two years ago when I pitched my editor at Harlequin on the Sauveterre Siblings. They're two sets of identical twins, Henri and Ramon, Angelique and Trella, born to a French tycoon father and his Spanish aristocrat wife.

As soon as the girls are born, the family becomes media darlings, followed and photographed constantly. That notoriety makes them targets. When the girls are nine, Trella is kidnapped. She's recovered a few days later, but the trauma impacts all of them in different ways.

They circle the wagons and few are allowed close to them. The boys are ultra-protective. Henri turns cold, like their French father. Ramon expresses his anger in fits of passion. Angelique, the sensitive one, has to become strong and Trella, the outgoing one, becomes a recluse.

I loved writing these books and spending time with each sibling, learning their pain and finding exactly the right person to help them heal.

All through writing those first three books, Trella hovered behind the scenes--pregnant by a mysterious stranger despite rarely leaving the house. How did it happen? Will she find the happiness she so richly deserves?

It's time for you to find out! Prince's Son of Scandal releases Jan 1, 2018 on all digital platforms.

If you like to read in order, you can find all the books, buy links, and excerpts here.

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