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Return Visitor

I heard that special rustle in the trees again, the one that sounds like a squirrel on steroids.  I looked out to see our buddy had returned.  This time he was filling up on Saskatoon berries.  Picture a twenty-foot blueberry bush.  The branches aren't like a stalwart Douglas Fir.  They're twigs and he's at least a few hundred pounds.  We filmed him for a while, hoping he'd fall and we could post it on Youtube.  He was totally asking for it.  Look:

He was entertaining to watch despite not falling.  What is it about bears that they always look like a guy in a bear suit?  
Meanwhile, while we were shooting nothing but still and motion pictures, we were talking about whether we were  part of the problem.  We didn't make a huge effort to scare him off beyond yelling a few remarks that insulted his grace and lack thereof.  He is, therefore, what the news calls 'becoming conditioned to humans.'  
In our defence, he wasn't even up one of our fruit trees this time…