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Off Topic, But I Couldn't Resist

Isn't He Cute?

I know I'm supposed to be offering up details of our trip to Disney World, but as I was going through the photos, I found one of my nephew that I can actually post on my blog.  Further to preserving the magic, it doesn't show his face, but OMG, isn't he cute?

This is when he first learned to sit which was only a few weeks back.  Now he's crawling and pulling to stand and my sister is Freaking Out.  This boy is gonna be running and she is gonna be exhausted.

But he is soooo cute.
Makes you think of Dr. Seuss books, doesn't it?

Preserving the Magic

What You Won't See

One of the phrases that became a running joke during our trip was, "That's Not Disney!"  Eg. Bat Junk.  I have some truly awesome photos of the giant bats, but they're somewhat pornographic.  No need to put that up here.  This is family programming, people.

The other was "Preserving the Magic."  We first heard it on our Hotel Safari.  The weather was predicted to go down to zero overnight so the keepers had to put the giraffes in the barn.  That meant we wouldn't see them on the Savannah during the evening safari that we had booked for an obscene price and a unique, up-close experience.

Dani to booking agent: "Is it worth the price?"
Booking agent: "Are you ever going to Africa, Dani?"
Dani (thinking I am such a sucker):   "No.  Okay.  Here's my Credit Card Number."

So we're on the truck and they're telling us the giraffes are not out and we're all getting frowny faces because it i…

Hippo Ballet

Magic really does happen there!

For Christmas, we gave the kids (and ourselves!) a trip to Disney World in Florida.  We rather brilliantly booked it for their 'value season' in mid-February.  I'm not being facetious.  We are genuinely happy with our choice.  We skipped the waterparks and were a little shivery the day the temperature refused to climb above 12 degrees celsius, but for the most part the weather was a wonderful step-up from the snow and freezing temps we left at home.

Note for others debating a trip this time of year: you'll have shorter wait lines and longer patience when you are not overheated.

We also got a deal on rooms at Animal Kingdom Lodge.  After I'd booked it and begun looking at maps of the area, I was a little concerned.  Animal Kingdom is about as far from everything else as you can get.  This turned out to be fine for us because we're basically recluses, our kids were old enough to have patience with longer shuttle rides, and we…