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Hometown Hero - 99c Today Only (Sep 30th)!

Get your copy of Hometown Hero for 99c today (Sept 30th)!

This is a quick post to remind you that this introductory price is over tomorrow, October 1st.

I also wanted to brag that I was able to get this special featured on Storyfinds and BargainBooksy,  a couple of sites that are picky about the content they feature.

You can see the BargainBooksy post here. I like how they condensed the story down to: "Skye's happily ever after exploded in a cloud of scandal. Can she love again?"

They also gave me this seal to show off:

Have you entered the Hometown Hero Giveaway?

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Also, just wanted to mention that Hometown Hero is part of the Montana Born Homecoming series, written by five different authors:

Sept 22 - Sing Me Back Home, by Eve GaddySept 25 - Finding Home, by Roxanne SnopekSept 29 - Hometown Hero, by Dani Collins Oct 2 - Long Way Home, by Kathleen O’BrienOct 6 - Home For Good, by Terri Reed
It's also the first one in my own series. You can preord…

Hometown Hero - Launch & Giveaway!

I'm so excited! Hometown Hero has launched.

You can buy Hometown Hero for a special introductory price of 99c if you act fast. It will go up to 2.99 in a couple of days.

Want to read some excerpts before you decide? I have a #SampleSundays here that links to three more. That post covers a lot, actually, including some giveaways that are going live over the next month or so.

Below, you'll see the Rafflecopter link for a contest starting tomorrow (Sept 29th.) It runs until Oct 5th.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I also explain in that post that Hometown Hero is part of two different series. It's Book Three in the Homecoming series which I wrote in collaboration with the following authors:

Sept 22 - Sing Me Back Home, by Eve GaddySept 25 - Finding Home, by Roxanne SnopekSept 29 - Hometown Hero, by Dani Collins Oct 2 - Long Way Home, by Kathleen O’BrienOct 6 - Home For Good, by Terri Reed

Hometown Hero also Book One in my own Marietta series, so if you pre-order Blame The Mistletoe (or…

#ThursdayThirteen - Lines From My WIP

I'm revising what will be Book Four of the Makricosta series. Read a sample from Seduced Into The Greek's World here.

Goodreads Giveaway - The Russian's Acquisition

Super quick post to let you know this contest has gone live. Good luck!

Goodreads Book Giveaway The Russian's Acquisition by Dani Collins Giveaway ends October 23, 2014.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win

#TeaserTuesday - Blame The Mistletoe

I've started a new series of excerpts on my website blog. They're from my Christmas book, which releases Oct 13th. Click here to read the opening pages of Blame The Mistletoe.

What Is A Hybrid Author?

I covered the topic of Hybrid Authors a little on my website blog today, mostly because I think it's confusing for readers that the second book in my new series with Montana Born Books, Blame The Mistletoe, is available for preorder on Amazon, but Hometown Hero comes out first (Sept 29th) and doesn't show up yet.

So I thought I'd reblog some of that explanation here for  inquiring minds.

I won't give you a history lesson on How It Used To Be. We all know that e-books changed everything for both readers and writers. Basically authors have three choices these days:

Traditional print publishers who release books in print and digital with standing orders for mass distribution to book stores, drug stores, Target, Walmart, etc. Harlequin does this with my Presents/Moderns. The books are also translated for internations markets. Note that 'Trad Pubs' (I'm teaching you the lingo) might go digital only, or digital first, as Harlequin did with my erotic romances. S…

#TeaserTuesday - The Russian's Acquisition

I blogged a #TeaserTuesday yesterday from my Nov book, The Russian's Acquisition. You can read it on my blog here.

Dani's Books On Sale

It would seem some of my books have gone on sale (digital editions).
My erotic romance 2 in 1 collection has gone on sale here:

Amazon US

Kobo - where it's been flirting with the #1 spot for a week.


This 2in1 from December 2013 is also on sale.

Note: This is Book One (No Longer Forbidden?) and Book Two (More Than A Convenient Marriage?) of my Makricosta series. This is a great time to grab this as I just turned in Book Four. (Book Three is An Heir To Bind Them.)

Amazon US


Other news, since I'm here? Have you seen the covers for my Montana Born books? I think I tried posting them from Hootsuite the other day and they didn't appear. Here ya go:

Release dates:

Sep 29th - Hometown Hero

Oct 13th - Blame The Mistletoe

You can read the #SampleSundays on my website and catch the blurbs under Books.

Want to be notified when my books come available? I always draw for a signed print copy from my subscriber list.

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Quick Update - #SampleSunday Hometown Hero (2)

Just a quick update to let you know a second instalment for Hometown Hero is up on my blog. You can read it here: Second Instalment Hometown Hero. I've discovered I can post through Hootsuite so I'll hopefully drop by more often now. But not today. My desk is starting to look like a useable workspace. I just have to keep at it, then I can start book three in this new series for Montana Born. Have a great weekend. Now I'm going to try to post the covers of these first two books from my board on Pinterest. Let's see what turns up below, shall we? Have a great weekend.

#SampleSunday - Hometown Hero

It's a sort of Homecoming for me, writing this post, as I haven't been here in a while. I was away a huge chunk of the summer, going to conference in San Antonio, visiting my sister in Australia, going to conference in Sydney, coming home sick, then dropping my daughter at University.

Once home (again) last Sunday, I finally finished Demitri's story--that will be the fourth in my Makricosta Series. And even though this post is a #SampleSunday for Hometown Hero, I thought you might like the links for all the Makricosta #SampleSundays, too. Call it Bonus Content.

And there is a #SampleSunday from Hometown Hero, I promise. Just keep scrolling down - I got sidetracked with other things while writing this post.
#SampleSunday - No Longer Forbidden -  Book One, also my First Sale. This one came out as a 2in1 with More Than A Convenient Marriage in December 2013. This post is the opening pages to this book and has a link to a prequel kiss and an excerpt from Chapter Five. I hadn&…