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#SampleSunday and Other Stuff

I just realized I hadn't made a big splash over here about my new website at the old address: (We've dropped the www. I'm no technological genius so I don't know why it still works both ways, but it does.)

Please visit, poke around in the cupboards, bounce on the beds and admire the view.

While you're there, you can read the second instalment of my #SampleSunday for An Heir To Bind Them. There's a link to the first instalment and remember, this is Book Three in the Makricostas. You might want to read No Longer Forbidden? first (Nic and Rowan) and More Than A Convenient Marriage? (Adara and Gideon) second.

Demitri (hero of Book Four) is behaving exactly as you'd expect. He pretty much made himself unavailable the minute I started his story and I'll have to track him down before I can finish it.

In other news, I've officially launched my Masked Desires Contest. It's more about promoting my three books August books. Have I flashed…