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Or, What do I look like?  A Stupid Tourist?
Continuing my report on my visit to Oz in October... (I thought this would be a good post for Halloween)
One morning I walked onto the veranda and found a snakeskin between the potted plants.  I called Mom out and said, "That must be the skin they told us they found when they moved in."  No, it was a fresh one.  My sister had watered those plants the day before and the skin hadn't been there.  My brother in law, the tallest of the men there at 6'2", later held it with his arm extended above his head.  The tail of the skin was still about a foot on the floor.  As my sister likes to point out, "That's how big it used to be."  The skin was still supple and stretchy, not dried out and crackly.  Here my dad compares it to his hand:

When Dad stretched it out, it was almost as wide as his hand is long.  Ask the nearest man hands to make a circle touching the heels of his hands and his fingertips.  That's the gir…

Home Again Home Again

Jiggedy Jig.

I used to say that to the kids whenever we pulled into the garage after a big day.  I had a very big day out recently.  I went to Australia to meet my nephew!  Picture the most adorable infant you can imagine then give him an Aussie accent.

Okay, you had to listen hard to hear it, but he was adorable regardless.  You'll have to take my word for it because I'm not posting his photo to the internet.  Someone might steal him and my sister would blame me.  I was very tempted!  Having said that, the house we were staying in had very thin walls so I heard him every time she got up with him in the night and I have to admit, I do enjoy my older children for the full night's sleep I get these days.

For those of you wanting to visit Australia vicariously through me, it will be a lot of baby cuddling and gabbing with family.  I had to buy throat lozenges I was doing so much of that!  Hubby and I visited Oz and NZ on our honeymoon, so I really wasn't there to see th…