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Cougar Here

Not me, silly!  Although I'm flattered.  No, I'm talking about the real deal.  As wikipedia says:

also known as puma, mountain lion, mountain cat, catamount or panther, depending on the region,

We got one, or one of each, prowling our 'hood.  Here's the sequence of events:

Tuesday: Daughter gets a ride home from the bus stop from a family friend who said cougars (plural) have been spotted in the area.

Wednesday: Hubby goes to meet son to walk him home from school, but being macho, they take the path through the bush.  I pick up our daughter from her school after work.

Thursday: I meet a neighbour at the post office.  He tells me how much he appreciates my son walking his daughter home from school yesterday because they found cougar prints in their yard that morning.  (Was my son being a gentleman?  Was it just on the way to meet my husband?  Or is the neighbour's daughter cute as the dickens?  All of the above.)

Friday: Kids are off school, it's hubby's day …

Happy New Year!

On January 13th...

December whizzed by in a blur of family and then I was back at work so haven't come up for air until now.    It was my intention to post a few blogs about the dozen odd (pun intended) family members who rolled into town for the holidays, but we were just having so darned much fun, I never sat down and wrote about it.

That's not completely true.  I was the funnel for all the photos taken--gotta love the digital age.  We dumped them all into my trusty macbook, I spat them into a photo album, and they're sitting on my dining room table waiting to be mailed by the weekend as promised.  I still have photos in boxes from when the kids were little that haven't made their way into albums so this is truly a Christmas Miracle.

No other news, just wanted to let you know I'm alive--and since I know I'm probably only speaking to my g'fren up the road whose brother lives where my sister lives...  I tried to email you and ask if he's okay or flooded…