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Writer Wednesday

It's #WW, which is Writer Wednesday in Twitter-speak.

Writers, what do you need? Want to ask me something in person? I'll be making some appearances in the next few weeks and would love to connect with you:

Check out Events on my About page for details on:

Grand Forks Public Library February 23rdThe Seed Studio in Nelson, March 2nd At both of these events I'll be sharing handouts revealing the math on my indie-published book, Hustled To The Altar. I'll also talk a bit about the differences between writing for print publishers (Harlequin Mills & Boon, London), small presses (Champagne Books, Calgary) and what falls to you, when you self-publish.
Follow me on Twitter. I often retweet advice that rings true to me or helpful blogs.  
Non-writers, Like my Author Page. I share pretty pictures. :)  And please, come out to the events mentioned above. I'll be doing a reading from Hustled and my new book, The Healer.
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Happy Valentine's Day

Check out My Valentines.

While you're there, enter my contest to Win A Kindle.

Did you read my excerpt from Hustled To The Altar? Now available on Smashwords.

Writers, how do you balance the writing agains the promoting? Leave a comment on my blog at The Writer's Vineyard.

Have a great day!

Want My Authorgraph?

Did you know you can have your ebooks autographed? Click on the link below.  It's Free!

Happy Family Day BC!

Here in BC, Monday February 11th is our very first Family Day!

I'm thrilled. I've always found the barren wasteland from January 2nd until Easter to be a hard slog through cold, dull days.

In honour of this, our province's first, I'm writing this blog ahead of time and actually going to spend time with my family. Partly because we're all off today, which is a miracle in itself and partly because, well, you know, the kids are getting so they don't recognize me.

"Dad? Who is that woman? Why is she making supper in our kitchen?"

Have a great day, everyone.

Enter To Win A Kindle (& Other Stuff)

By 'Other Stuff' I mean I will be giving away a couple of copies of my books as secondary prizes when I draw for a Kindle electronic reader, but I also mean This Post Contains A Lot Of Stuff.

First, if you'd like to enter the draw, please visit my website and sign up for my newsletter to enter. Feel free to tell all your friends.

Full disclosure of contest details (in plain English): I am building my newsletter list with this contest so you will receive a copy of said newsletter March 4th, when I announce the winner(s). This also happens to be the day my fantasy romance, The Healer, will go live. Why yes, I am trying to promote it. You can unsubscribe at any time.

The draw will be held March 2, 2013 at the Seed Studio in Nelson, where I will be speaking on publishing, reading from The Healer, and signing books. Make sure your name is in before March 2nd to be included in the draw. And please come out for cookies and coffee if you're in the neighbourhood.

Full prize li…