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FREE DOWNLOAD - Cruel Summer

Hi Everyone!

I hope your summer is starting out great. Ours has been HOT, with extreme fire danger, but fortunately no fires close to us. We've had haze, but not the heavy smoke that sometimes collects during our driest summers so I'm counting myself lucky!

So what's with Cruel Summer, you may be wondering?

Well, I wrote this short story as a thank you to my fans and gave it out to my subscribers in my July newsletter. Would you like to read it too? All you have to do is subscribe (and you can unsubscribe anytime.)

Go here: Get Cruel Summer!

Cruel Summer is about seventy pages long and is in Kindle and ePub formats. (If you want PDF, just email me.)

I'll post the opening pages below along with the blurb so you know what you're getting.

Have a great summer!

Cruel Summer

“Is there anything I could say or do to earn your forgiveness?” Website designer Chelsea Parks grew up believing she would marry her best friend’s brother. In college, she gave him her virginity and he …