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Closing out 2014 - Looking Ahead to 2015

My husband watched a documentary recently on a tribe deep in the South American jungle. They refer to residents of our modern society as 'time-slaves,' while they spend all their days trying to fill the abundant time they have with hunting, gathering, socializing...

Were you a time slave in 2014? My year was insanely busy and I am therefore making a resolution to avoid the phrase, 'I'm so busy,' in hopes of no longer manifesting it for myself.

'I have all the time I need,' shall be my mantra for 2015.

I will also only make promises I can keep. No more coming onto this blog and claiming I'll be getting it together and just wait until I do. My daughter pointed out to me that messy and disorganized might be my natural state and maybe I should stop fighting it. Kids are so smart. (Of course, she's the one who missed her flight home for Christmas because she was at the wrong gate, but let's not talk about that.)

I can't say I didn't accompli…