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#TeaserTuesday - Mastering Her Role

I just posted another #TeaserTuesday from Mastering Her Role, Book One in The Dani Collins Erotic Romance Collection. Read this sexy excerpt on my website here. WARNING: Not Safe For Work.

Here's as much as I thought was safe for Facebook:

Her head dipped and he felt little shivers chase over her skin again.

“I—” She waved modestly at the table. “This is a celebration. I’ve been the top agent twelve months running. I received a bonus. A cruise.”

 “Well that’s wonderful isn’t it?” He opened his hand on the softness of her upper arm. Women’s skin was always soft, but Arianne’s compelled him to pet and stroke unceasingly. If only she would let him, if only—but he was supposed to be listening. Giving her the admiration she rightly deserved. “I’m not surprised but I’m very proud. Well done, beautiful.”

He touched his lips to her skin for the first time, a light press at her temple that made her breath stall. Heat surged through him.

“For two,” she added after a moment of significant s…

Shameless Repost From My Other Blog

I wanted to remember to post all the information on my August titles over here and the easiest way was to just copy the entire post, in html, and drop it over here. But here, I'll make it special for my Blogger & Google+ readers. I haven't had any Authorgraph requests lately so here's the code if you'd like to request I sign your e-copy of An Heir To Bind Them (or any other title. Hit the scroll bar and choose the one you want):

Now, I also have this cool graphic that I made all by myself so I'll use it to introduce all the blurbs for my five, yes FIVE, summer titles:

Skim down if you want to go straight to the Goodreads giveaway for The Ultimate Seduction.

For now I'm working left-to-right with my blurbs. Here's the first for

An Heir To Bind Them - Available now

Off the boss's payroll…and into his bed

Jaya. Her name reverberates around Theo Makricosta's head in time to the whirring blades of his private helicopter. He must find her; only Jaya can…

Book Launch - An Heir To Bind Them (Excerpts!)

I'll be honest. I was going to fix the template on this blog again, to try to match my website. I started messing with it then turned to Google for someone to do it for me. The good news: pretty sure I found someone to help me get all my social media stuff linked and uniform in appearance. I'll share the deets here if it all pans out.

Meanwhile, An Heir To Bind Them is officially launched! Want a signed copy? 

There are many ways you can get your hands on one.

First, you could join my newsletter. I always draw for a copy of my new release from my subscribers. If you join through Dani's Masked Desires Contest you'll also be entered for the masks and will double your chances for an autographed copy of The Ultimate Seduction.

Here's what my newsletter looks like. It only comes out when there's a new release, but at the rate I'm writing, that'll be monthly pretty soon. Kinda not kidding.

You can also enter to win one of the many giveaway copies on my blog t…