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Paddington Bear

I think she's still feeding them.

It's 12:45, just about the hottest part of the day.  Look who just came for lunch under our cherry tree wearing his best fur coat:

I swear, he's not guarding our grow-op.  We don't have one.  However, I'm pretty sure he's guarding somebody's grow op because I have it on good authority that that particular woman has been into the local grocery store for the big sacks of dog food on several occasions this summer.  (Google 'bears guarding grow-op for the full story.  While you're at it, cruise Youtube for the Russian Newscaster who couldn't stop laughing when she tried to report on this story.  It's good for a giggle.)

Meanwhile, Mr. Bear's visit to our neighborhood is tragic, it really is.  I didn't have the heart to call the conservation officer, but someone else will--if they don't shoot it themselves.  This guy ambled away when the kids and I went on the deck to take his photo and my son calle…