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Our Really Very Big Long Day

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

Okay, the lions come later when we went back to Animal Kingdom Park (get the Park Hopper!  It's worth the extra money!)  But we started out very early, before the sun was up, to get to Magic Kingdom and our breakfast reservations at the Crystal Palace.  Here's where it gets tricky.

We've been here a few days by now and my daughter has been avoiding people in costumes.  "The characters kind of freak me out."  We sit down for our Breakfast with Pooh, and I lean into my husband and say, "This is gonna be a waste of money."

Then they show up.  Suddenly, we're all six years old and OMG, half the delight is watching the really little kids light up in stunned amazement.  It's Pooh Bear!  And Piglet!  Such dear old friends.  And...  The costumes are blessedly pristine.  You want to hug them, they look so invitingly adorable.

If you could see the ear to ear grin on this sixteen year old cynic's face after this en…