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FreakyFriday and Other Stuff

I had an editor mention recently that she noticed I had two blogs and not only is it a lot to maintain… I'll pause for laughter here. You and I both know I don't maintain this one very well.

She was also concerned that readers couldn't find my books from this site. I will work on my design. Scouts honour. But I encourage you, Dear and Very Appreciated Reader, to visit my website and its blog if you enjoy my posts. I post at least weekly over there, usually with a #SampleSunday. Sometimes a #Thursday13.

Today I have a special treat. A FreakyFriday post by my fellow Presents Author Jennifer Hayward.

When Jen and I realized we both had February titles, we decided to cross promote on each other's site. Here's my FreakyFriday post on Jennifer Hayward's blog.

Then we received some author copies showing that Mills & Boon had paired us up for an exclusive 2in1 only available in the UK. Same books, different cover, but it makes a really nice giveaway. We've eve…

Blog Tour - A Debt Paid In Passion

I pretty much dropped the ball on communicating where I'd be for late December, early January so I'm coming in late with the details on my blog tour for A Debt Paid In Passion.

You still have some chances to enter for giveaways, though! Keep an eye on my website and my Facebook page for a limited edition 2in1 with Jennifer Hayward. It'll be signed by BOTH AUTHORS. I wanna see big bids on eBay for that one, peeps.

Blog dates are below, but I wanted to share this fabulous review from RT Book Reviews - TOP PICK, 4.5/5 Stars!
"Her dialogue combines repartee, innuendo and biting commentary…"  Who knew I had a rapier wit? (She said with ironic, facetious sarcasm)

Here are the blog dates:
Dec 23, 2013 - As The Pages Turn (Hero vs Hero)Dec 26, 2013 - RomCon Contemporary (I want to go to this conference!)Dec 30, 2013 - iHeartPresents (Also appearing here on Feb 7th)Jan 4, 2014 - Contemporary Romance Cafe (Topic: Struggle and Grovelling)Jan 7, 2014 - Ramblings From This Chi…

2014 Kick Off

I'm kicking off 2014 by going down to a three day week at my day job. One of my workmates was shocked. "Don't they need you?" They kind of do. This was a downsize I requested to allow for more writing time. Here's why:
February, A Debt Paid In Passion, Harlequin PresentsJune, An Heir To Bind Them, Harlequin PresentsJuly (tentative), Untitled, Harlequin Series Digital First (2 books)August, The Ultimate Seduction, Harlequin Presents Along with all those new releases, I've committed to turning in four more books to Harlequin and I have some other surprises brewing, including some fun activity with The Healer, which I can't share just yet, but I'm excited.

It's not going on sale--sorry! So if you've been thinking about reading this one, please give it a go. It's not much of a departure from my other work. You'll still get your alpha males, complex emotions, angsty passion and my patented threads of humour. P.S., I'd love to see some re…