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Thanks GVC!

A huge thank you to RWA-GVC, the Greater Vancouver Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

The flowers caused a bit of a stir with the husband.  "Who sent those?" But I love them, they're beautiful, and btw, you may owe me a silk one for another sale.  More news coming soon.

For those of you curious, this is my back deck.  Hard life, I know.  I wish I'd thought to angle it so you could see the lake which is just off the left margin of this photo.  I look at it while I do the dishes.  Makes the chore easy-peasy even on a bad day like today when a bit of cloud cover has rolled in.  Full disclaimer: I don't usually look this good.  I just got back from my head shot appointment so my hair and make up were full on.  I enlisted my daughter to take a quick snap.

One more time, I really appreciate all the support I've had from my good friends at GVC and am really, really thrilled to receive my First Sale Flowers.  Thank you so much.